Responsible for providing support in the various human resource function which include Recruitment, Compensation and Benefit, Training and Development, Performance Appraisal, General Affairs, Industrial Relation and Retention "to maximize the productively of an organization by optimizing the effectiveness of its employee". Supporting, Consulting and Working in partnership with Divisions to align their human resources with their goals and reflect the spirit of One POSCO family.



Responsible for implementing general accounting and finance tasks primarily aiming to maximize the value of corporate and stakeholders. The activities are mainly related to increasing in accounting transparency by accurate book records keeping, preparing reliable financial reports and conducting correct taxation work, stabilizing corporate financial soundness with appropriate budgeting, planning and evaluates, and fund management, and also securing corporate competitiveness with effective cost analysis and control.



Performing the role of POSCO’s face in the forefront of all processes related to the customers. Negotiating price, quality and quantity for signed sales contract, and deliver the products to customers on time.

Establishing marketing strategy through domestic and foreign market analysis and leading the collaboration of all departments to achieve the sales plan.

Setting up sales and production plan and control processes in real time. Ensuring material orders matching with production to be smooth following the sale plan. Moreover, storing and shipping the products optimal condition for the customers’ requirements.



Responsible for finding, acquiring, buying the goods, services or works from competitive supplier. For ensure that POSCO-TCS receives goods and services or works with reasonable price, good quality, correct quantity and on time delivery.



Responsible for the manufacturing of Galvanized Zinc Coated steel. From devising production plan of maximum efficiency, providing a solid quality control system and state of the art preventive maintenance.


Safety and Innovation

Responsible for monitoring and development safety, occupational health, environment and security system of company and conduct QSS activities to all employees.